Does your municipality have an alcohol policy? Find out!


28 March 2017

A municipal alcohol policy (MAP) outlines the safe, appropriate use of alcohol at municipally-owned or managed property, places, spaces and events. Public health units (PHUs) can work with municipalities to develop a comprehensive approach to alcohol policy.  In 2015,Public health Ontario’s Municipal Alcohol Policy (MAP) Scan found 236  or 53.1% of Ontario municipalities had an approved MAP.   Public Health Ontario (PHO) is pleased to support health units and municipalities with new  resources to help in the development of new or revised  policies.

PHO has developed  a  geographical information system  (GIS) map of alcohol policies in Ontario  identifying  municipalities that have policies and availability to their access and those municipalities where the existence of a policy is unknown.

The map is connected to a Municipal Alcohol Polices Repository. The repository is populated with policies which are “reported and available for review” via the GIS map.  Those policies may be used as a reference to help municipalities  draft their own policies.  As policies are revised or made available, municipalities can work with health units to upload current policies to the MAP intake form.

We trust you find these resources and others available on PHO’s Alcohol Resources page helpful.  If you have any questions please contact Jason LeMar at

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Updated 28 March 2017