Audio Presentation: Alcohol Policy

The focus of this audio presentation series is on the role of a comprehensive, policy-led approach to mitigating alcohol-related harms. The basics of policy as a health promotion strategy are introduced. World Health Organization research about key alcohol policy approaches for public health practitioners and policy-makers are explained.

Part 1: Basics of Policy

In the first part, find out about the learning objectives for this series of presentations, learn about what policy is, and what makes for a ‘good’ health promoting policy.

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Part 2: Basics of Alcohol Policy

In part two, learn about the three broad evidence-informed tiers of alcohol policy and specific policy strategies within each.

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Part 3: Burden of Alcohol

Part three covers the burden of alcohol, which justifies the need for alcohol policies.

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Part 4: Affecting Change

How alcohol policies can affect change and reduce the burden of alcohol is covered in part four. Policy facilitators and barriers are discussed as well.

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Part 5: Summary and Resources

Take home messages and supplementary resources are provided in part five, the final presentation in this series.

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Updated 22 Oct 2019